The cheese factory

At the beginning of the 21st century, a special adventure began in Gruyères

The vision: to honour traditions and link the land to the table, to produce and mature on the spot, in Gruyères, the products that make up these traditional dishes such as fondue and raclette, as well as the double cream of Gruyère
In the centre of the medieval town, at the entrance to our restaurant, a copper cheese vat has been installed. Every two days, it is used to make cheese and double cream Tradition
The expert hands of the cheesemakers give birth to Le Tradition semi-hard cheese, matured for 4 months and hard cheese matured for 6 months (mild), 9 months (semi-salted) or from 12 months (aged).
The refining cellar, in our basement, is carved out of the blue stone that makes up the Gruyères hump, which gives it a naturally stable temperature and hygrometry: 14 to 15 degrees and 82% humidity are the values required for ideal ripening of our products
Every day, all the surfaces of the cheeses are rubbed with salt water. The cheeses are regularly tested for taste and sound by tapping in order to assess their ripeness and thus the optimum time for consumption.
The fondue mix, based on Le Tradition cheese, is made on the spot by precisely grating alternating pieces of semi-hard (60%) and hard (40%) cheese. This signature blend is our trademark and gives our Tradition fondue a unique taste.